Love the Rooms You Live In ~ Redesign for Living

De-cluttered dining roomTake shopping to a new level when Bernadette shops for your home. Your existing art, furniture and accessories play a key role in redesigning your space.

Creative solutions for room usage turn what you already own into exciting designs with this one day makeover.

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Show Home Style ~ Home Sale Staging

Staged Entrance WayWhen you plan on selling, it's essential that your property stands out in the crowd. Bernadette professionally depersonalizes your home, creating that sought after show home look. Transforming your home to a house attracts the broadest range of potential buyers, giving it the edge to sell quickly.

Make an unforgettable first impression with show stopping curb appeal. Bernadette impresses buyers by creating a fresh and spacious atmosphere: neutralizing wall colours, clutter clearing, and rearranging furniture.

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Clutter Clearing ~ Home Organization

Do you have a spare bedroom that has turned into a junk room and the linen closet door that refuses to close? Do you avoid your crowded pantry? Is your triple-car garage so jam packed that you've forced to park in the driveway?

Organized linen closet

Clearing away the clutter and creating space in your home is a task better shared by two*. With Bernadette's system of purging, clear and reorganize in less time than you think (as little as an hour per room!)

*Your involvement in the process is critical as you will have the final say on what goes and what stays.

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Decorating Dilemmas?

When you and your household can't decide on paint colors, flooring choices or the best suited furniture for your rooms, Bernadette comes to the rescue with her resourceful recommendations. Your whole household will marvel in her ability to lead you to the right decision.

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The Icing on the Cake

Bernadette Staging and RedesignNavigate through stores like Home Sense and Urban Barn together. Find those perfect home décor items to match your budget and lifestyle. Accessorizing is the icing on the cake, giving rooms their polished look.

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Personally Styled ~ Consultations

Risk free 30min consultation

Meeting in your space, we'll discuss your ideas and plans for your home

Style Consultation $100/hr

Walk through your home with fresh eyes and learn while taking notes

Preferred Consultation $125/hr

Touring your home room by room, the preferred consultation comes complete with a full report for you to keep.

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